Yakutat Comprehensive Salmon Plan: Phase II

Alaska Department of Fish and Game, 2014.Yakutat Comprehensive Salmon Plan: Phase II. Developed by Yakutat Regional Planning Team.
Year Published
Alaska Department of Fish and Game

This "revised regional comprehensive salmon plan, YRAA, will be able to move forward on salmon fishery enhancement and supplementation. YRAA have already started project planning and received a management feasibility analysis (MFA) from the department for some potential remote release sites for either pink or chum salmon at Humpback Creek, Redfield Cove, Broken Oar Cove, Puget Cove, Monti Bay and Eleanor Cove. The first five sites were addressed together as they are located within existing traditional fishing areas. Concerns brought up in the MFA are wild salmon streams within each area, brood stock source, the need for 100% otolith marking of hatchery pink and chum salmon, straying (particularly into the Situk), step up production over time to allow for evaluation of the project during developmental stages, and placement of a large enough terminal harvest area (THA) to allow common property harvest of enhanced salmon while protecting wild stocks.”