Fort Belknap Indian Community Climate Change Adaptation Plan

Tribal Adaptation Plans

Fort Belknap Indian Community is home to the Gros Ventre and Assiniboine Tribes (the Aaniiih and Nakoda Nations). The Gros Ventre call themselves “AH-AH-NE-NIN” meaning the White Clay People, and
the Assiniboine refer to themselves as “Nakoda” meaning the generous ones. For the purpose of this plan, we will be referring to the community as Fort Belknap Indian Community, or FBIC for short. The
Gros Ventre and Assiniboine peoples were nomadic hunters and warriors who followed the buffalo which provided them all the necessities of life.2 The reservation is located 43 miles south of the
Canadian Border and 20 miles north of the Missouri River, which is on the route of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

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