FY 2019 Community-based Restoration Program Coastal and Marine Habitat Restoration Grants


Past deadline: May 15, 2019. The principal objective of the NMFS Community-based Restoration Program Coastal and Marine Habitat Restoration solicitation is to support habitat restoration projects that use an ecosystem-based approach to foster species recovery and increase populations under NOAA’s jurisdiction. Successful proposals will: 1) identify a habitat-based issue/concern limiting the recovery or sustainability of one or more species targeted by the proposed restoration action; 2) describe in detail the actions and on-the-ground habitat restoration project(s) to be undertaken to resolve the issue/concern and; 3) describe the project(s)’ expected outcomes and measurable impact on the project’s target species and their ecosystem. Proposals may include: restoration feasibility and/or design; implementation; or a combination.

restoration, coastal and marine habitat, ecosystems, species recovery, endangered species, sustainability, fisheries
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local and Native American tribal governments are included in eligibility. Applicants must propose work in geographic areas that benefit species with a nexus to NOAA management.
Contact Information: 
Natalie McLenaghan (301) 427-8687 natalie.mclenaghan@noaa.gov