Village Safe Water Program/Alaska Native Village and Rural Communities Program

EPA, State-funded

The Village Safe Water Program provides technical and financial support to communities to design and construct water and wastewater systems. It is meant to assist Alaska Native Villages and Alaska rural communities with the construction of new or improved drinking water and wastewater systems. This funding can also be used to provide training and technical assistance in the operations and maintenance of these systems.

Category Taxonomy
Funding Amount
Matching Funds
50 percent. At least 25 percent provided from the state of Alaska.
To be eligible for funding under the Village Safe Water Program, the applicant must be an unincorporated community that has between 25 and 600 people; a second-class city (no population limits); or a first class city with not more than 600 residents.
Contact Information
Greg Magee, VSW Program Manager, (907) 269-7613,