Fourth Oregon Climate Assessment Report

Mote, P.W., J. Abatzoglou, K.D. Dello, K. Hegewisch, and D.E. Rupp, 2019: Fourth Oregon Climate Assessment Report. Oregon Climate Change Research Institute.
Year Published
Oregon Climate Change Research Institute

The Oregon Climate Change Research Institute (OCCRI) periodically assesses the state of knowledge of climate science as it pertains to Oregon, fulfilling the legislative mandate that created OCCRI. This report was delivered on January 31, 2019. Oregon is already experiencing statewide
impacts of a changing climate. In August 2018, Portland and the Willamette Valley experienced some of the worst air quality on the planet owing to smoke from wildfires near and far. Ranchers in southern and eastern Oregon reported significant economic losses caused by lack of water from a low winter snow pack and a hot and dry summer. Climate change touches all corners of Oregon, but our frontline communities are most vulnerable. These include the economically disadvantaged and those who depend on natural resources for their livelihood: rural residents including Native Americans.