Climate Showcase Communities Program

Climate Programs

The overall goal of the Climate Showcase Communities program is to create replicable models of cost-effective and persistent greenhouse gas reductions that will catalyze broader local and tribal government actions to stabilize the climate and improve environmental, economic, health, and social conditions.

Funding Amount: 
Individual awards of approximately $500,000
Matching Funds: 
A 50% match is required for this program with the exception of tribal governments and intertribal consortia that are exempt from matching requirements.
Local governments, federally recognized Indian tribal governments, or Intertribal Consortium. Intertribal consortia are eligible to receive grants under this program only if the consortium demonstrates that all members of the consortium meet the eligibility requirements for the grant and authorize the consortium to apply for and receive assistance by submitting to EPA documentation of (1) the existence of the partnership between Indian tribal governments, and (2) authorization of the consortium by all its members to apply for and receive the grant.
Contact Information: 
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Attn: Jane Kurtz (Mail Code 6202J) OAR/OAP/Climate Protection Partnerships Division 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20460 Phone: 202-343-9304 Fax: 202-343-2202 E-mail: