Grants for Rural and Native Alaskan Villages

Grant Deadline

Applications accepted continuously. Meant to fund water and waste disposal systems in rural Alaskan Villages. Funds must be used for development and construction of water and wastewater systems to correct dire health and sanitation conditions in those villages. Many communities in remote rural Alaska, where villages are accessible by plane or boat only, are essentially inaccessible during the long, hard winters. They lag far behind the lower 48 States in having safe and dependable drinking water and suitable waste disposal systems available. Construction costs are extremely high. This is due in part to the severe weather conditions, which makes laying pipe difficult, if not impossible. These conditions also require the use of insulated pipe, or in areas of permafrost, above ground utilidors, often with heat traced insulated pipe. The vast distances from the transportation hub of Anchorage to a village increases costs substantially as the material must be delivered by barge or air.

Funding Amount
The maximum grant is 75 percent of the project cost.
Matching Funds
There is a match requirement from the State of Alaska for 25 percent of the project cost.
The applicant for these grants must be a rural Alaskan Village or the State of Alaska for the benefit of a rural Alaskan Village or hub.