Native Agriculture and Food Systems Initiative

First Nations Development Institute

Deadline passed as of February 17, 2017. Deadline for 2019 unknonwn. Accessing healthy food is a challenge for many Native communities. Without access to healthy foods, a nutritious diet and good health are out of reach. The goal of the NAFSI project is to build local and systemic infrastructure in Native American communities focusing on supporting projects that increase access to fresh, healthy foods and improve the overall health and well-being of Native children and families. This project is also intended to help increase knowledge of and control over where food comes from and help increase knowledge of the linkages between food and Native cultures, and between families’ income and entrepreneurially-related food ventures.

Funding Amount
Matching Funds
Organizations eligible to apply include U.S. based Native American-controlled, nonprofit 501(c)(3), tribal organizations, or Native American community-based groups such as community garden projects, food banks and/or food pantries that serve their communities. Priority will be given to projects aimed at increasing the availability of healthy, locally-produced foods in Native communities, reducing food insecurity, entrepreneurship and/or programs that create systemic change by increasing community control of local food systems. Moreover, this project will give priority to organizations that can assist and contribute to the development of emerging and promising practices in strengthening Native food systems.
Contact Information
Should you have questions about this Request for Proposals or this grant program, please do not hesitate to contact A-dae Romero-Briones or Tawny Wilson by phone at (303) 774-7836 or by email at or