Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development


RFP closed for 2016. The Seventh Generation Fund is an Indigenous non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and maintaining the uniqueness of Native peoples throughout the Americas. It offers an integrated program of advocacy, small grants, training and technical assistance, media experience and fiscal management, lending its support and extensive expertise to Indigenous grassroots communities. Its Sustainable Communities Program Area provides seed money, organizational support and technical training to Native grassroots community-based projects striving for holistic community health and renewal. It supports traditional agricultural methods, renewable forms of energy and sustainable strategies for development that preserve or restore traditional life-ways for future generations.

Funding Amount
Individual awards of up to $5,000
Matching Funds
Not required
Indigenous grassroots communities
Contact Information
Seventh Generation Fund for Indian Development
P.O. Box 4569
Arcata, CA 95518 or
425 I Street, Arcata, CA 95521
Phone: (707) 825-7640
Fax: (707) 825-7639