Tribal Solid Waste Management Assistance Project

Event Date: 
Grant Deadline: 

The Tribal Solid Waste Interagency Workgroup was created to coordinate federal assistance to tribes to help them comply with the municipal solid waste landfill regulations. Successful proposals should characterize/assess open dumps, develop integrated waste management (IWM) plans, develop and implement alternative solid waste management activities/facilities; or develop and implement cleanup, closure, and post-closure programs for open dumps in Indian Country. Each proposal must address only one of the four proposal categories described above.

Water, Regulatory, Research
Funding Amount: 
10 Individual awards ranging from $10,000 to $50,000
Matching Funds: 
Federally recognized tribes and intertribal consortia. Non-profits are eligible, for-profits are not eligible.
Contact Information: 
Tonya Hawkins, EPA, (703) 308-8278. Pamela Snyder-Osmun; BIA (703) 390-6341; Steve Aoyama IHS (301) 443-1046; Joyce Taylor, USDA (202) 720-0499 Terri Kelly, DOD (703) 604-1926 Applicants interested in applying for more than one category may do so as long as each proposal is for only one category and each proposal must be separately submitted.