Tribal Solid Waste Management Assistance Project


The Tribal Solid Waste Interagency Workgroup was created to coordinate federal assistance to tribes to help them comply with the municipal solid waste landfill regulations. Successful proposals should characterize/assess open dumps, develop integrated waste management (IWM) plans, develop and implement alternative solid waste management activities/facilities; or develop and implement cleanup, closure, and post-closure programs for open dumps in Indian Country. Each proposal must address only one of the four proposal categories described above.

Category Taxonomy
Funding Amount
10 Individual awards ranging from $10,000 to $50,000
Matching Funds
Federally recognized tribes and intertribal consortia. Non-profits are eligible, for-profits are not eligible.
Contact Information
Tonya Hawkins, EPA, (703) 308-8278. Pamela Snyder-Osmun; BIA (703) 390-6341; Steve Aoyama IHS (301) 443-1046; Joyce Taylor, USDA (202) 720-0499
Terri Kelly, DOD (703) 604-1926

Applicants interested in applying for more than one category may do so as long as each proposal is for only one category and each proposal must be separately submitted.