Bureau of Indian Affairs Endangered Species Program

Event Date: 
11/09/2015 5 pm PST
Grant Deadline: 
Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

Deadline passed as of January 16, 2017. Deadline for 21018 unknown. The Bureau of Indian Affairs has announced plans to provide funding (of up to $150,000 per applicant) in an effort to support restoration, management, and economic development, of “tribal trust resources”, as they are defined in the FOA attachment: "Those natural resources, either on or off Indian lands, retained by, or reserved by or for Indian tribes through treaties, statutes, judicial decisions, and executive orders, which are protected by a fiduciary obligation on the part of the U.S." (BIA, Endangered Species Program, Ranking Criteria and Application Process). As highlighted in the application process, the project proposals are expected to promote tribal revenue, through the utilization of these resources. Therefore, significant effort and concern should be placed in the preservation of important natural and traditional resources.

Endangered Species, Tribal Trust Resources, Restoration, Management, Economic Development.
Funding Amount: 
The maximum funding request is $150,000 per application. The funding request cannot include the tribal indirect rate.
Matching Funds: 
Eligibility is limited to Federally Recognized Indian Tribal Governments and Native American Organizations authorized by Indian tribal governments (Tribes and inter-tribal organizations authorized under PL 93-638.
Contact Information: 
David Redhorse, david.redhorse@bia.gov, BIA 911 NE 11th Ave, Portland OR 97232